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Themed Venue Decor
& Art Installations

Step into a world of enchantment with Venue Decor Company, premier choice for venue decor since 2001 formerly “Chirag Creations​” Nestled in the heart of Ahmedabad, our journey began with a passion to elevate every events into extraordinary celebrations. With an unwavering commitment to creativity and precision, we have adorned countless matrimonial milestones across Gujarat & Rajasthan.


Immerse yourself in a symphony of colors, textures, and designs meticulously crafted to reflect your unique love story. Our seasoned team of artisans, with a wealth of experience, transforms venues into dreamscapes, setting the stage for timeless moments. Whether you envision a traditional affair or a contemporary celebration, our wedding decor services are tailored to exceed your expectations.

Discover the potential for partnership with us to enhance your upcoming event to unprecedented levels. Join forces with us as we transform your vision into reality, leveraging our creative expertise.

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